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July 2015

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February 2016


We purchased a small SRO in the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego, CA for refurbishing. Sales were slower, selling two projects, one of our older Office projects in Utah and an Industrial project in Colorado.

March 2016


Acquired a Historical building in downtown San Diego, CA for refurbishing. We sold twelve projects this year with a combination of Industrial and Multi-Family projects. This was a record-breaking year with sales of over $135,000,000.

April 2016


Purchased a 171-unit Hotel for a conversion to Studios in San Gabriel, CA and a small Multi-Family project in San Diego, CA. Even with the unprecedented event of the Covid lock-down we still sold several of our projects this year.

May 2016


Acquired two Multi-Family projects in San Diego, CA. Sold eleven of our projects, a combo of Multi-Family and Industrial for a total of $118,925,000 in sales. Sales exceeded expectations and brought in good returns for our investors.

June 2016


Acquired over 1.45 million SF of industrial product in Denver and several small multi-family development projects in San Diego

July 2016


Acquired a retail center in Newport Beach with plans for mixed-use redevelopment, several multi-family projects in San Diego and Salt Lake City, and several industrial projects in Denver, Dallas and SoCal. Sales exceeded expectations and were very profitable for our investors.

July 2016


Acquired several small apartment projects in the San Diego area, together with several multi-tenant industrial parks in Phoenix and Dallas

July 2016


Acquisitions included a commercial asset in Denver, four industrial parks in Seattle, Denver and Phoenix, and a group of apartment buildings in the Northpark and Ocean Beach areas of San Diego

July 2016


Expansion continued in Salt Lake City with the purchase of a portfolio of apartment buildings totaling 438 units, three industrial parks in Phoenix and one office project in Southern California

July 2016


Five new Business parks were purchased in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. The Portfolio currently includes 2,040 apartment/condominiums units and 1,420,000 square feet of office/industrial over five states.

July 2016


Our focal point continues to be small multi-tenant industrial/office space adding over 270,000 square feet to the portfolio along with 218 apartment units. Sales exceeded $61,000,000.

July 2016


With the economy showing signs of improvement, our portfolio increased by 68 multifamily units and continued expansion in the multi-tenant industrial/office market by adding 71,500 square feet of space.

July 2016


As difficult times continued, we were able to complete two sales in 2010, no new properties were added to the portfolio.

July 2016


Despite a difficult year for commercial real estate, 315 apartment units were added to our portfolio, including 95 fully upgraded condominium units purchased from lenders in short sales.

July 2016


Focus on multifamily purchases added over 600 units in Salt Lake, Denver, Las Vegas and Southern California.  Continued expansion in multi-tenant industrial/office market in the Salt Lake area.

July 2016


Portfolio includes over 3,000 apartment units and 860,000 square feet of small office or industrial space over eight states.

July 2016


Further expansion into Salt Lake City with office and apartment acquisitions.

July 2016


1,489 apartment units added to our portfolio in markets including Phoenix, San Diego, Corpus Christi, and Salt Lake City. Property sales exceeded $95,000,000.

July 2016


Continued expansion into Nevada and Oklahoma, adding seven properties totaling $119,000,000. Sixteen portfolio properties sold distributing in excess of $73,000,000 to investors.

July 2016


Multifamily focus on purchases in Las Vegas and Oklahoma. Nine properties sold distributing $35,000,000 to investors.

July 2016


Total transactions exceed $126,000,000 with addition of 11 properties.

July 2016


Purchase and sale transactions exceed $70,000,000. Begin acquisition of apartments in Nevada. Portfolio value approaches $200,000,000.

July 2016


Completes a record year of acquisitions and sales, purchasing nine properties for over $43,000,000.

July 2016


Identifies Sacramento, California, as an emerging market and purchased 1300 units in 13 apartment communities. Also pursued over 1 million square feet of commercial properties in “lagging recovery” areas of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in southern California. Portfolio value exc

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July 2016


Focus shifts to California with purchase of 10 apartment communities totaling over 700 units in north San Diego County and inland to the City of Hemet, California. Portfolio value nears $60,000,000.

July 2016


Investment market expanded to include purchase of 10 commercial office buildings totaling over 750,000 square feet in Denver, Colorado.

July 2016


Initial formation of investment partnerships, eventually acquiring 15 existing properties in Salt Lake City, Utah, and converting 504 out of 954 apartments to condominiums.

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